Something’s Cooking: The Nest Coffee House

March 10, 2023

DEEP RIVER, CT (WFSB) – In Deep River, some baristas at “The Nest Coffee House” served the best drinks in town all while learning invaluable life skills.

The drinks are so good that it was hard not to get whipped up into a frenzy, but make sure to bring your sense of humor.

Barista Ethan Bushy was a bit of a prankster, and his favorite joke was to inflate the bill.

“Coffee costed around 50 million or something, and I would say you have to pay with cash,” Bushy said.

Ethan used to be a bit uncomfortable chatting with customers, but it was one of many skills that he developed at “The Nest Coffee House.”

“It’s just fun to work here,” Bushy said. “Deep River’s a town of people who really come together.”

Jane Moen works as the executive director of A Little Compassion, the non-profit that manages the Nest.

Moen was inspired to create the coffee house when she realized that her daughter Kaylee was on the autism spectrum.

Other young neurodiverse adults, Moen mentioned, needed a place to work and thrive after getting out of school.

“They should be able to feel like they have a place to enjoy and find their people,” Moen said.

The Nest has provided that and so much more as the business now has a boutique to buy items created by neurodiverse artists.

The team at The Nest even expanded into pet food with the popular doggy barks treats which are now available in 16 Connecticut stores.

Moen said, “the exciting thing coming up is our brand-new gathering space.”

Later this month, The Nest’s gathering space will more than double to help them host even more social events for the neurodiverse community!

Program director Kim Taylor called it a game changer.

Taylor said, “it’s great just getting to see them dip into everything we can offer and how all of that comes together to help them fulfill their full potential.”

The Nest had great food and drinks, but an even better mission.