Acceptance, Inclusion, & Outreach Program

We believe that young adults with neurodiversity are valuable and integral members of our communities deserving of meaningful work and social connectedness.

We also believe that we need to be partners in getting that message out alongside them!  Join us as we spread the word about inclusion, compassion and acceptance and build a community that is a safe place for all!

Our activities take place right in our community — from Coffee and Conversation events for parents and others, our Sensory Training and Toolkits for first responders, a Compassion Children’s Story Hour each month, to our April Neurodiversity Acceptance activities, the annual Alexandra Dilger Award more – we’re out front building an inclusive community.  Watch and join us via our Facebook and Instagram accounts or drop into The Nest Coffee House to become a compassion creator yourself. Lastly, sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep in touch and you’ll never miss a chance to make a big difference.

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The Alexandra Dilger Award

The Alexandra Dilger Award was created by Patrick and Gale Dilger in memory of their daughter, Alexandra, who lived a rich and fulfilling life despite personal challenges with anxiety and depression. The Award is offered in partnership with A Little Compassion Inc. and given in June of each year to deserving neurodiverse young adults who are striving for greater independence while reaching for their dreams.

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Applications are accepted annually starting in March.  Check back for the link to the application when it becomes available.