Doggie Barks

Doggie Barks are healthy dog treats for pups of all abilities, made by individuals of all abilities. In partnership with four shoreline breweries in Essex, Chester, Deep River, and Westbrook CT; ALC utilizes donated spent grains to bake fresh peanut butter dog treats in-house. With only four ingredients:  spent grain, flour, eggs and peanut butter, Doggie Barks is the newest project at ALC and is expanding significantly as local businesses begin to sell the treats. Currently, 17 businesses carry our Doggie Barks. The Doggie Barks project provides alternative and additional employment opportunities and skill development for neurodivergent staff who bake and package the treats.

Doggie Barks is a venture that gives back in so many ways.  Spent grains are donated from local brewers making them a sustainability partner; the treats area an all natural and healthy option for pet owners and their pups; and making the treats creates jobs for young adults finding their way in the world of work!

You can find Doggie Barks at The Nest and these other businesses: