Lights Shine Brightly at Plattwood Park

May 29, 2023


A previous night of rain and wind gave way to a perfectly clear sky the following evening as nonprofit A Little Compassion (ALC) hosted its fourth annual Water Lantern Celebration at Plattwood Park on May 21.

Lanterns of many designs created by people of all abilities set sail on the pond at the park as the lights of neurodivergent individuals shone brightly under the sunset.

“The idea is to celebrate that we all bring something different to the table, and it’s okay, whatever that is,” said ALC Executive Director Jan Moen. “[It’s about] shining that light on neurodiversity and what it means, and how they’re just part of the fabric of our society that need to be represented equally.”

It was a night to “Accept, Understand, Love” as written on a person’s lantern, as was the message that resonated with other attendees.

The lanterns set sail at around 8 p.m., while grilled food provided by the Deep River Volunteer Fire Department and drinks and treats kept attendees satisfied during the evening.